Design Idea

V230 is a VTOL fixed-wing aircraft system that is small-sized, multi-purpose, easy to carry, use and assemble. 

The small and compact airframe makes easy storage and transport possible.

足彩虚拟足球不是真人 When in use, it takes as short as 1 minute to assemble and get it up in the air。

The tilt-rotor design makes it easy and safe for the drone to take off and land in various terrain conditions, 

greatly expanding application site options and enabling the drone 

足彩虚拟足球不是真人 to conduct aerial inspection above forests, oil pipelines, highways, borders, etc.  

The IP45 industrial protection makes V230 able to take off, 

足彩虚拟足球不是真人 land and fly in severe weather conditions (middle rain, light snow, wind speed of up to 13.8m/s, etc). 

The high-strength and lightweight airframe material plus the dual power system provide V230 

with excellent flight safety as well as high-altitude flight performance.

100km Max flight distance 100min Max flight time 1.2kg Max payload 20km Survey radius
Extraordinary aerodynamic design01
High aspect ratio wings and laminar flow airfoil are used to effectively reduce air resistance and improve flight stability.
Performance Advantage03
V230 has a long flight distance of up to 100km within the flight time. It is able to conduct close-up survey and photogrammetry through rapid switches between cruise mode and circle mode. The drone is also capable of observing and surveying with the equip
02Composite airframe material for high strength
The airframe is made of ultra high-strength composite material to ensure structural strength while minimizing weight of the aircraft.
04Small and compact, extended flight time, long flight distance
V230 is in small and compact size. The airframe is built with fast-assembly modular design, which makes v230 easy and convenient to be assembled and disassembled without auxiliary tools.
  • 10X Optical Zoom camera
  • Infrared Thermal Imager
  • 10X Optical Zoom camera