Through advanced and stable flight control system, combined with tilt-rotor techniques, V200 is able to switch between multi-rotor mode and fixed-wing mode.
High-strength, lightweight airframe structure
The airframe of V200 is made of ultra high-strength composite material including carbon-fiber and glass-fiber to ensure structural strength and reliability, while minimizing weight of the aircraft.
Integrated PPK module
PPK module is well integrated with V200 system, which makes it possible to acquire centimeter-grade POS data through data processing software.
Fast Assembly Structure
The fast-assembly modular design of V200 airframe makes it convenient and fast to assemble and disassemble the aircraft without auxiliary tools.
V200 General Specs
Aircraft dimensions: 2400*1000*240mm Max survey radius: 30km
Empty weight: 5.5kg Max flight altitude ASL: 5000m
Max Payload Capacity: 1.5kg Battery capacity: 18000mAh
Cruise speed: 75km/h Hover accuracy: vertical3cm horizontal1cm
Max flight time: 100min Max wind resistance: 13.8m/s
Max flight distance: 115km Operating temperature: -20℃ — 60℃
V200 Surveying Parameters
Ground resolution Flight altitude Operation area
2cm 150m 3.7km²
3cm 239m 5.2km²
5cm 400m 10.9km²
10cm 800m 22.3km²
20cm 1500m 45.7km²
  • Sony RX1RII
  • Sony A7RII
  • Oblique Camera