V330 Tilt-Rotor UAV
Tilt-rotor VTOL fixed-wing UAV utilizes the onboard rotor transition mechanism and stable flight control algorithm to achieve autonomous switch between multi-rotor mode and fixed-wing mode. In multi-rotor mode, the drone is able to take off and land in a small area, free of site limitations. In fixed-wing mode, the drone can carry out large-scale flight missions with features including extended flight time, high cruise speed and operation efficiency. Both modes can share the power system in order to avoid carrying excessive devices and thus greatly improve the payload capacity.
18x Dual Light Camera System
The 18x dual light camera system consists of a SONY 18x optical zoom camera and a thermal infrared imager, which could be used in various applications including military surveillance, police surveillance and monitor, powerline inspection, disaster relief, etc. The integrated design makes the camera system compact and easy to use. The seamless switch technology brings you excellent operating experience. Besides, limit device is built in the motor to avoid stranded wires.
Thermal Infrared Camera
The drone is capable of carrying visible light camera and thermal infrared imager for aerial photogrammetry. The thermal imager can detect infrared ray that is emitted from objects and produce thermal imagery, providing more information than visible light cameras. Therefore, thermal infrared camera is widely used in night-time tracking, search and rescue, facility inspection, agriculture, forestry and so on.
Propulsion System
The newly designed 6010 motor, intelligent ESCs and large-sized propellers provide a wide variety of industrial applications and professional aerial photogrammetry with high efficiency, reliability and power support.
Powerful Water-Proof Motor
The core bearing system of 6010 Standard/Pro motor uses strict sealing treatment, which is able to isolate the motor from rain, pesticide, even salt spray. The stator is being protected by special coating so the anti-rust capability is greatly improved. The seal type upper cover in conjunction with the upward air cooling system can effective prevent foreign matter from getting inside the motor, making the motor smoothly operate in dusty environment. Sealing treatment and protection are also given to the 249S ESC in order to protect internal components.
Flight Control System
The flight control system is mainly comprised of gyroscope (flight attitude sensing), accelerometer, compass, barometer (rough control over hover altitude), ultrasonic sensor (precise control or obstacle avoidance at low altitudes), optical flow sensor (precise control over horizontal hovering place), GPS module and control circuit. The main function is to help the drone automatically keep normal flight attitude.